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Call the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce
for more information about land use: 518.828.4417.


Every effort has been made to include up-to-date contact and meeting schedule information, current application forms, and code information in this guide. It is the intent of the Chamber to maintain and update this information on a regular basis. However, it is possible, that at times this guide could contain outdated information. Towards this end it is suggested that the applicant verify information in this document pertinent to their application(s) and project.


Furthermore, it is not the intent of this guide to provide specific legal or professional advice of any kind to an applicant.Hopefully this guide becomes a useful tool in new business start up and existing business expansion here in Columbia County.


The Columbia County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to assisting our members build successful businesses. If there is any way we can help during your site plan approval process please do not hesitate to call.