Reviews, Permits and Approvals

This section identifies other types of reviews, permits or approvals that will or
may be necessary prior to, during or after all local zoning and planning approvals
have been received.


Columbia County Planning Board Review


In addition to the various reviews and approvals required at the town, village and city level, certain actions must be referred to the Columbia County Planning Board for a determination of whether or not the proposed projects has a countywide or inter-community impact. The local referring agency may not take final action on your project if this referral is required, until the County Planning Board has responded.

This Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the County Government Offices, 401 State Street in the City of Hudson. These referrals made pursuant to General Municipal Law Sections 239 (l) & (m) are the responsibility of the local board that is reviewing the project, however those referrals must be received no later than 12 days prior to the regularly scheduled meeting.

If they are not received within that timeframe, review and discussion of the proposal will be deferred until the following month’s meeting. For further information on these required referrals, contact Senior Planner Patrice Perry at (518) 828-3375.




Site Analysis and Utility Needs Topics
SEQRA Review

• County Planning Board Review

Driveway or Curb Cut Permits

Wetland Permits

Stormwater Permits