Reviews, Permits and Approvals

This section identifies other types of reviews, permits or approvals that will or
may be necessary prior to, during or after all local zoning and planning approvals
have been received.


Stormwater and Sanitary Discharge Permits

Crawford and Associates CrawfordAdIf your project disturbs areas larger than one acre, a State Pollution Discharge Permit (SPDES) for Stormwater will be required from the NYSDEC, permit GP-02-01. This permit ensures that storm flow runoff generated by the developed parcel will be adequately treated and released at or below predevelopment rates. This permit also ensures that erosion and sediment associated with construction activities are adequately controlled and mitigated. Most often these permits are handled by professional design consultants.

Sanitary Discharge Permits

If your business will be generating wastewater flows larger than 1,000 gallons per day, and will be discharging into an onsite septic system, then a General SPDES permit will be required from the NYSDEC, permit # GP-95-01. This permit is typically applied for in conjunction with the system design reviewed and approved by the Columbia County Department of Health.








Site Analysis and Utility Needs Topics
SEQRA Review

County Planning Board Review

Driveway or Curb Cut Permits

Wetland Permits

• Stormwater Permits