Reviews, Permits and Approvals

This section identifies other types of reviews, permits or approvals that will or
may be necessary prior to, during or after all local zoning and planning approvals
have been received.


Wetland Permits

Crawford and Associates

CrawfordAd Wetland permits will be required whenever state or federally regulated wetlands are disturbed or encroached upon. Generally speaking, disturbing wetlands should be avoided if at all possible. Permitting disturbances can be very time consuming and costly depending upon the type of wetland and the size of the disturbance. The type of permit required will vary with the specifics of the disturbance.

State Wetlands
State wetlands are regulated by the NYSDEC and have almost all been mapped in Columbia County. Each Town Clerk should have access to the State wetlands maps for their town, as well as the Columbia County Soil and Water Conservation Office at 1024 Route 66 in Ghent, phone (518) 828-3375.

Federal Wetlands
Federal wetlands are regulated by the Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) and are largely unmapped in Columbia County. If they have been mapped, information about these wetlands may be available from the County Soil and Water Conservation Office or directly from the ACOE’s field office in Troy, New York, phone (518) 266-6350. If there are wetlands onsite and have not been mapped, part of the disturbance permit process will be their mapping at your cost.



Site Analysis and Utility Needs Topics
SEQRA Review

County Planning Board Review

Driveway or Curb Cut Permits

• Wetland Permits

Stormwater Permits