Site Analysis and Utility Needs

Analysis of the potential site should be taken very early in the process.


Freeman HowardPurchasing An Existing Building

As with the purchase of undeveloped land, when purchasing a parcel with an existing building, there are many questions that should be asked:


All of the questions concerning available water, electricity, cable and internet services, or natural gas may be answered by the seller, their realtor, and/or local utility contacts, both municipal and private.

If the capacity of an on-lot water well is not known, review of well logs from the well driller or information on file at the County Health Department can assist in determining the well’s characteristics.

Determining the capacity of an existing on-lot septic system is more difficult to determine. While there may not be a history of problems with the system be aware that the proposed occupancy level of the structure may be higher than previous uses.


Specific questions to ask would include:

The installer may be able to answer all of your questions concerning the existing system. If any uncertainty exists, your best option is to contact the County Health Department to see if any records of the system are on file.



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