Site Analysis and Utility Needs

Analysis of the potential site should be taken very early in the process.


Freeman Howard Use of Undeveloped Land

When your project involves the purchase of undeveloped land, the information or data that you may need to determine if the site is appropriate for your business may be very difficult to obtain. It is important to determine how easy it will be to develop the parcel to meet the needs of your business.


Some of the questions you should be asking at this point include:


Within Columbia County only a limited area of land is served by municipal water and sewer systems. The majority of the land requires on-site well and septic systems.


Identifying available water on-site can be done by contacting local well drillers who are familiar with the area.


If they have drilled wells nearby, they likely have a good account of the local aquifer conditions.If the undeveloped land is served by a municipal water system, specific information concerning the quality and capacity of the system can be obtained by contacting the local water superintendent.


The wastewater disposal potential of the parcel is generally available from two sources; if the parcel was recently sub-divided from a larger parcel, a septic site may have been identified on the sub-division map. This may include information as to the type of septic system required and the capacity of that specific system design. If it was an older sub-division or if the sub-division plot did not include a septic location, your only option is to contact the County Health Department and make arrangements for on site percolation tests to be conducted on site. This is really the only way to positively know whether the site has adequate capabilities to support you business. The Columbia County Health Department is located at 325 Columbia Street in Hudson, phone (518) 828-3358.


If the parcel is served by a municipal sewer system, your source for information will be the local sewer superintendent. When contacting him, ask about any permits that may be required for the connection of your business to the municipal sanitary collection system and a copy of any municipal sewer ordinances. These ordinances will outline what types of discharges may be introduced into the collection system legally and can provide specific flow and quality standards or thresholds for these discharges. If your business will be discharging process water that results in discharges that exceed these limits, onsite pretreatment may be required.


Other utilities such as electric, natural gas, telephone and cable/internet service are somewhat easier to identify. All of these are provided through service districts or utility franchises. Your best source for identifying these districts or franchises may be the seller or their realtor. After identifying who provides these services, contact should be made with each to ensure that the level of service at the site is adequate to support your business.



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